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Crew 1298 Highland Night Out 2012

It’s that time of the year again. Planning has already been underway for our 2012 Highland Night Out/Highland Ball.

The date has been decided upon, and is set for Saturday March 17th.

We will be holding the event at Camp Wisdom.

Ticket prices are 20.00 in advance and 25.00 at the door.

Early registration will cut off on March 11th, Please put your RSVP in by this date on the event page.

Dinner this year will be Lasagna and the theme will be St. Patrick’s Day.

The page for the Highland Night Out will be updated with any new information as it becomes available.

Graham Western Heritage Days, Chuck wagon ACWA Cook Off Sept 24 & 25 Graham Old City Square.

Ervin & Gail hit the road around 4:00 Friday morning so we could miss the Ft Worth traffic, and pulled into Graham around 8:30.  Found a good spot & started setting up.  Joseph & Sara got there around 12:00.  We all ate a good meal at the dinner across the street & went back to finished setting up wagon in the rain, Lynn Jackson came in around 3:00.  It cleared up a little for the wagon inspection at 4:30pm.  They started bringing food shortly after the meeting of all the wagons there was six this year & some pretty tough competitors were there.  We all went to the Montana Restaurant and ate a good meal, and also planned out game strategy for Saturday before retiring.  It came a flood Friday night. After breakfast Saturday morning we started getting ready for the big day.  Jimmie Hollandsworth came in around 12:00 just ta visit & see about maybe getting a cook-off setup for Celina.  He ended up staying and helping us cook & serve.   He fit right in with our crew & wagon.  We started serving at 6:00 right after turning in our judge’s samples.  We were one of the first ta sell out.  We really got a lot of good comments on our food and wagon & even booked a job for next September on a dude ranch in Graham more details on this later.

The judging was tough & there was quite a few this  this year but 1298 is getting better this year we did 3rd in Beans, 3rdin Potatoes, 3rd in Most Congenial wagon,  4th in Desert.

Lynn Did a great job on his Biscuits & all agreed that his was the best, but the judges like sour dough. His gravy was great but they don’t judge gravy (OH we had people from other wagons come for gravy, biscuits & cobbler).   What do the Judges know?  We had a ball after the results with lots of singing & dancing.  Once this was over we loaded up & came home Saturday night.

The weather held after the skies cleared Saturday morning, & we all had a great time.

A very special to Jimmy & Lynn for their help I hope we’ll be seeing more of them.

First Garland Wild West Cowboy Round up Chuck wagon Cooking

This was Sat Sept 18 Downtown Garland.

We (Ervin & Gail) showed up Friday around 1:00 found our place & started setting up the wagon, the weather was pretty warm until about three clock & a little cold front blew in.  Reggie got there a little later & helped us finish up the camp. we stayed at a nearby hotel and got a good early start sat morning about 5:00. Derrick Parks from Crew 1818 & Reggie got there around 7:00 and we started preparing beef stew for a pretty good crowd.  Randy May, his crew & wagon rolled in and began set up. There were a total of 4 wagons.  We ran slap dab outa stew & cobbler. Had a lot fun met some good people & all got a new Cowboy hat as prize. We also got show up money didn’t win any categories, but all our food was gone & they kept coming back for more.  We will probably do this one again next year.

Scout Show Wrap-up

I want to thank everyone that was able to come out for the great job they did with the setup and tear down. We were one of the 1st groups in, and the 1st or 2nd group out at tear down time.  This was the best year as the wagon was ½ way home to Corsicana at 3:45  and by that time I was unloaded at Camp Wisdom and on my way home.  Much different from the years before where it was starting to get dark before we were started home.

We had lots of traffic though out the day with lots of questions and oos and ahh’s .

The pictures have been uploaded of  Scout show here.

Let’s get ready for a good meeting June the 12th at Camp Wisdom with some blacksmithing in the morning and maybe a lunch as it looks as we will have some visitors.

Cowboys for Heroes 2010

The annual trek to San Antonio for the Cowboys for Heroes event was a very special time this year. With nearly 20 cowboys, cooks, reactors, Patriot Guards & etc. were coming from all over North Texas. Gail & I left Corsicana @ 4:30 & had a pleasant drive arriving around 11:00 followed by the rest of the team. We picked out a spot Big enough for 1298 Wagon Randy May’s Wagon & BBQ Smoker, right by the stage, together our set up was pretty impressive sight.

The Friday evening the Meal was provided by Randy’s 4C Wagon & BBQ & Crew.  The brisket & ribs were great, and the other 10 wagons thought so too.

Sat Morning early was fast & furious, with the weather very pleasant this year. It was fun working with some new additions to share the work load.

This year we served beef tips and gravy, biscuits, mashed tatters, beans, 2 kinds of cobbler, and some of the best bread pudding ever made in a dutch oven.  We served all we had and ran out of food, so I guess it was good? OH! And I didn’t see any bodies lying around on the ground. Whew! That is always a good sign.

After loading up sat evening we went to a popular eating spot and had a good time for the 3 F’s (Food Friends & Fellowship).

The trip home Sunday was pleasant & all arrived home safely.

The key Fobs presented to all the Military from 4C’s & 1298 were really a hit.

You can see the full gallery by clicking here

Highland Ball 2010 Review

Photo’s have been published under the Highland Night Out Gallery for 2010.

I would like to thank everyone for coming out, I think we all had a great time.

I will add some more details to this when I have a few more seconds, but for now please enjoy this video of some of our members, and crew 3 members square dancing.

**Update** 2/1/2010 Highland Night Out

Venturing Crew 1298 would like to invite you to attend a Highland Night Out at Camp Wisdom Circle 10 Council Dallas Texas March the 20th 2009.

This year we will be celebrating Scottish New years.

The evening will begin with presentation of the Haggis and then dinner.
We will follow dinner with a dance for all ages.
The cost for the evening is 20.00 in advance or 25 at the door.

We will eat dinner at 6:00 pm.

You can RSVP on with the highland ball reservation link on the left hand side.

You can download the flier for the highland night out at

If you have any questions you can e-mail [email protected]

*Update 1/4/2010* Venturing Crew 1298 Highland Night Out

At this time I can tell you with 99.9% confidence that the Highland Ball will be held at Camp Wisdom on March the 20th.  We are awaiting the outcome of one more meeting before sending it to the masses, however we are pretty well set at this time.

Fort Worth Live Stock Show Opening

Location: Tandy Center Parking Garage, Fort Worth, Texas (off Sundance Square)
Date: January 16th, 2010
Time: 8:00 AM Sharp

We will meet at Camp Widsom at 7:00 AM and caravan over to Two City Place in Fort Worth, Texas. We will have blacksmithing and the chuckwagon setup.

More Details to come. Please leave a comment, and/or a message on the yahoo group list.

Fort Worth Live Stock Show Opening

Please see Post Titled Fort Worth Live Stock Show Opening